Well, do or don't do tests? Well, first I want to explain my positionand I hope that you understand. 
I prefer to not do tests to not loose time. Why?
Normally I am very busy and do a test that in a lot of times don't have a feedback is nonsense.
I think you want to several candidates do the same test to ake the comparison more easy.
Ok, is really more easy... But, no offenses, I don't want to loose my time.
I don't receive a feedback several times. Some tests involve a lot of work (ok, other not).
Do you want to see my code? I have references (references.txt in this site), almost 1000 Katas in Codewars,
more than 100 repositories in Github, courses, images, text and certifications in LinkedIN. This videos.
I think it is ok. Help-me please. You need a test even though this informations. Ok, I can take a test. Please tell me why.